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In 1987, the Maniacs recorded and released In My Tribe . The album broke into the charts, where it stayed 77 weeks, peaking at #37 and selling over two million copies. In My Tribe featured the hit singles “Don’t Talk,” “Hey Jack Kerouac,” “Like the Weather” and “What’s the Matter Here?” It was voted one of the 100 most important releases of the decade by Rolling Stone Magazine. Blind Man’s Zoo , the 1989 follow-up, hit #13 on the Billboard charts and went platinum. It featured the hit singles “Trouble Me” and “Eat For Two.” The following world tour featured several European festivals, a string of US amphitheatres and the renowned Fourth of July concert with the Grateful Dead in front of 80,000 in Buffalo, NY. In 1990, the band released a compilation of their first two independent recordings called Hope Chest: The Fredonia Recordings along with a companion video entitled Time Capsule . Our Time in Eden was released in 1992 and featured the hit singles “Candy Everybody Wants” and “These Are the Days” selling more than three million copies. Rolling Stone’s four-star review called it a “… gripping new album… with a provocative, unnerving power.” 

The Maniacs - Saturday NightThe Maniacs - Saturday NightThe Maniacs - Saturday NightThe Maniacs - Saturday Night